"My recent 60 day juice fast went from January 2 – March 2, 2012, and to tell you the truth, at 11:55pm on January 1st, ate some of my wife’s sweet and sour meatballs while me and my daughters watched “The Empire Strikes Back.” Those were some the best meatballs I ever had too! Now, after this recent 60 day fast, I don’t plan on returning to my old eating habits, and in fact, as of the writing of this book, haven’t. With God’s grace I plan on changing my eating habits for a much healthier life and keeping most of my meals on the healthy side of the food scale.
Most juice fasters may frown at what I just told you, but I’m trying to keep it real and I tell you what I did because it may help someone out there who thinks they can only prepare for a lengthy juice fast a certain way. There are no “rules” when fasting, so if it works for you, then do it. There are, however, things that make more sense than others, and things that make no sense at all. Throwing some steak in a blender and calling it juice isn’t fasting, but if fasting for you means continuing to drink coffee, I won’t get mad at you for that. The more often you fast and the longer your fasts become will look much different over time. They did for me, and I’m sure they will for you too."

-From Chapter 2, "The Mindset of a Juice Head"