"Thank you for your book!! Your wife told me about it! It was just what I needed to hear today! I'm on day #9 of my 40 day juice fast today and I was feeling discouraged and ready to give up until I read your book. Thank you!!!!! :)"
 -Scarlett Von Gunten, Entrepreneur,

Steve's book is motivational! He doesn't just tell you why you need to take care of your body, he shows you how to do it and I liked that he had actual recipes to use in juicing. I, too, use juice fasting for increased energy and a healthier body. I encourage you to read Steve's book and give it a try!

"Let me tell what, my man Steve is for real! This ebook he has written is awesome and inspirational. I was fortunate enough to witness to some of the items discussed in this ebook such as; his will and determination to not succumb to the pressure of any of my wife’s delicious chocolate desert’s during our churches potlucks which happen every Sunday. His stamina, in regards to his stamina where he states in his ebook that he lost a race against his son, Ravi. I saw the results after his 60 Day Juice Fast, when we would play two hand touch after church and Steve could keep up with no problem, he couldn’t prior to that. Long story short, this is a must read if you want to change your life regardless of your size; small, medium or large, you can benefit."

-Tony Shock, Shock Family Produce and Farm